Vr Golf Club for Ouest 2,Dedicated Putter Handle,Length Adjustable Versions (20in-30in),Golf Club Attachment,Quest 2 Golf Club Adapter,Metagolf Game Essential Accessories


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Product Description


The HIBOEN VR golf club adapter combined with the excellent physics engine of OCULUS QUEST2, they will give you the most realistic virtual game experience! More than just a game experience, it will dramatically improve your game and score, Let your online friends feel your transformation!

Premium materials

-HIBOEN VR golf club attachment is using high quality carbon fibre material, in order to make the controller get enough protection. The connection part can withstand a strong enough fling, and is not a fragile 3D printing material, you can rest assured that the reckless swing!

Approaching reality

-This oculus golf club handle is improved from a real golf grip to give you the richest gaming experience in both grip and ball striking feedback. The weight of the controller plus the attachment is the same as that of a real golf ball, when in the swing, you will feel like you are really playing golf in the sun

Excellent construction

-There is a tough hook at the top to lock the controller tightly, the attachment and controller grip 1:1 match, no abnormal contact when swinging the club, the club is made of aluminum alloy inside, durable and no risk of breakage. Anti-slip grip can prevent the hand from coming off when swinging hard, he will be your most powerful and reliable assistant!

Improve technology

-You will find it difficult to control the direction of the shot when you hit the ball with the grip because you cannot adopt the most standard holding position, so the direction of the shot will be shifted. With HIBOEN VR’s clubs, you can control the strength and direction of the ball very easily. It will help you score high on the green!

Entry-level accessories Carbon fiber appearance Adjustable carbon fiber Adjustable carbon fiber putter

Basic Golf Attachment Features Upgraded carbon fiber appearance and better quality handle Adjustable carbon fiber version. More realistic swing feedback. Suitable for players with a spacious playing field Length-adjustable high quality PU leather grip and carbon fiber hardware.Thickened pushrod grip.Any shot is more like realistic golf.

Weight (with Controller)
11.8 Oz 12 Oz 12.3 Oz 13 Oz

Minimum length (with Controller)
19 IN 20 IN 20.5 IN 20.5 IN

Maximum length (with Controller)
19 IN 20 IN 30 IN 30 IN


Multiple security measures




First line of defense

Strong hooks at the top of the attachment hold the controller securely

Second line of defense

Use the controller’s own safety rope to fasten the attachment and prevent it from being thrown out

Third line of defense

Tough nylon straps lock the controller grip securely into the attachment

Quick installation process in seconds

Installation stepsInstallation steps


Compatible with popular golf games on OCULUS

GOLF5 eCLUB Game setup

Golf 5 is a game that automatically adjusts the length of the club for different arm lengths, so you don’t need any other settings in the game to use it. Before the official competition, you need to find the best option for each club type, you can try each shot type in the range and remember which one suits you best.

It is important to note that the farther the handle is from the ground, the higher the speed of the ball you need.In the game will be higher ball speed can be better adapted to this accessory


This game has the same mechanics as golf, and can automatically adjust the club according to the distance of the controller.You can also set the game to your liking, allowing you to better adapt to the attachment.

In our tests, we used the attachment 5-6 times on the practice green and became fully comfortable with the attachment.

GOLF+ Game setup

The Golf+ game comes with accessory settings, so he fits the game accessory very well. When you use the accessory for the first time, you can use the custom settings and save them, and you can adjust the length and distance of the club to the most accurate state

Use the following path to access the game settings.


Follow the tips on the screen to adjust the length


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:The attachments as safe as advertised?A:We understand that controllers are expensive, so we design our accessories with safety in mind. We have done rigorous testing to ensure that this product can withstand any force of wielding. Just make sure there is enough room when playing

Q:How does this attachment fit the game? Is it helpful for the game experience?A : If you want to fully appreciate the charm of the golf game in OUCLUS, then you need a good game attachment, which is the conclusion of a large number of gamers.Please read the game setting suggestions in our product properties,This will help you to better use the accessories in the game

Q:What kind of after-sales service can I get?A : If there is any quality problem with the product during on 2 year , we will replace the parts for you free of charge. We will be waiting for your emails 7×24 to solve your problem.

Stable and robust locking method-HIBOEN VR GOLF CLUB Attachment provides the most securemounting structure, so you don’t have to worry about any risk of the handle falling off whileplaying. The top hook’s engineered ABS plastic can withstand tens of pounds of weight, and thehandle is stabilized by a sturdy nylon strap that keeps the controller firmly locked to the attachment no matter how you swing it.
Professional thicker putter grip:Putting is an important 40 percent of the game at virtually everyevel of play.A thick putter grip has a wider area for your hands to wrap around helping encouragea smooth pendulum swing and helping you control the face of the putter better. A thick puttergrip can help lessen this wrist impact through the stroke and enable a better, more consistent rol on the ball.
Excellent physical experience-The connection part is made of tough Carbon Fiber Process towithstand huge impact, and the professional golf grip is covered with a layer of non-slip, sweatabsorbing silicone material to prevent it from coming off when sweating. The club body is madeof high-strength aluminum alloy to improve the service life of the attachment
Wide range of applications – HIBOEN VR golf accessories are suitable for all golf games on .such as GOLF+, GOLF5, MNI Golf, Sports Games Collection, etc, and also for other ball games,such as baseball, tennis, badminton and other games with clubs.
Reassured after-sales service-We will provide you with the most reassuring after-sales service, we want to create an unparalleled brand of vr game accessorieslf you have any questions afterreceiving the product, please contact us in time, we will provide you with 7 * 24 hours of customerservice support

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Vr Golf Club for Ouest 2,Dedicated Putter Handle,Length Adjustable Versions (20in-30in),Golf Club Attachment,Quest 2 Golf Club Adapter,Metagolf Game Essential Accessories
Vr Golf Club for Ouest 2,Dedicated Putter Handle,Length Adjustable Versions (20in-30in),Golf Club Attachment,Quest 2 Golf Club Adapter,Metagolf Game Essential Accessories


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